Traditional manufacturer from Nasavrky since 1999

Welcome to the Castellon Hats, Caps and Berets Store. The company was founded in 1999 by people with long-term experience in the production of headwear. Our production is based on quality and flawless craftsmanship.

In 2020, we took over the company from its original owner. We are a Czech-Cuban family Castellon, living near Nasavrky. Our goal is to further develop headwear production in Nasavrky and to show the whole of Europe that the Czech Republic is a leader in this field.

We love to sew for you:

Classic flat caps, quality men's and women's hats, headdress for Czech theaters and film, hunting hats, caps for fishermen.

We are preparing a new range of berets and we love custom sewing hats and caps. We specialize in the production of uniform caps and berets for police, army and security services.