About us

Welcome to Nasavrky!

The Czech village that conquered the world with Castellon caps

Hi, we are Alena and Andres. Alena, Czech native, Andres, Cuban, and we met ten years ago in… No, not in Cuba. In East Bohemia. Who would have guessed that? Andres, out of love for me, “gave up” on living in his native Cuba, so that we could be in the family circle doing together what we love – manufacturing caps.

Production company AKSANA was founded in 1999. At that time it was (and still is!) essential for its existence to have a high-quality background in the form of great experience in the production of headgear. The building stones remained the same all the time.




As a result, we are also able to compete successfully on foreign markets. Castellon caps are popular in the European Union and South America as well.


Basic range of goods

For the eagers we always have a basic assortment of caps and caps for men in green prepared - for hunters and fishermen. You can always find it in our online offer. Since flat caps have been our favourite activity from the beginning, we regularly change the materials they are made of. As soon as the material is used up, it is not repeated in our offer anymore. That is why each material is a limited edition.


Special cooperation

Part of our production we specialize towards to uniform headgear. We regularly supply state security services with special caps to the uniform, berets and caps, we produce orders for private security companies.

Theater and movies. This is also an branch that we can cover with our craft. We are very proud, our products have taken part in some of the Czech movies such as Četnické humoresky, Tmovomodrý svět or Četníci z Luhačovic.

If you think we can be of useful for you in your industry, let us know!


Custom production

We enjoy creativity and individual approach. That is why our arms are open to those who want a unique tailor-made product. We can make anything on your head that you can think of. For anyone. Most often we sew for you

- men's and women's hats

- flat caps

- capa

But we can handle even difficult models, such as design bags on the head :-)


Quality certificates

ISO 9001 - international quality certificate demonstrating compliance with strict quality management system (QMS) requirements

AQAP 2110 - NATO's international quality certificate proving compliance with quality requirements in the design, development and manufacture of uniform components


Have our caps or story address you? Or both?

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