How to choose a perfect hat size?

How to choose the right size of a flat cap, hat or beret?

Measure your head circumference with a measuring tape. Measure across the forehead, about 2.5 centimeters above the eyebrow, continue to the back of the head around the widest point. Do not make it too tight. The perimeter in centimeters indicates your size.


If you have a resulting number between two digits - for example, between 60 and 61, do not take the size L, but choose a size larger – XL. Any larger size can be easily adjusted if you attach a piece of thick fabric to the sweatbands from inside the hat.



Dimension of headgear:

XS    |  53 cm, 54 cm

S      |  55 cm, 56 cm

M     |  57 cm, 58 cm

L      |  59 cm, 60 cm

XL    |  61 cm, 62 cm

XXL |   63 cm, 64 cm